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My First Post :-:


So I bought a EVJ Special Combo amp which has recently had the tubes replaced. I like the amp, however the clean sounds a little farty and I am looking for something a bit clearer and my birthday is coming up. I'm looking to replace the 10" speaker and have heard of a couple speakers such as the Eminence Copperhead, The Celestion Vintage 10 and the Celestion 10. Anything in regards to suggestions for a replacement speaker are welcomed (Looking to play different kinds of rock and blues, looking for a nice clear classic rock tone for clean and distorted). I am playing through a Epiphone G400 Custom and plan on using either a boss ds-1 or overdrive pedal. I was talking to an electrician and he said for a clearer sound if i put in something with less wattage than the original speaker (75 watts) then I can get a better quality sound. Can anyone confirm this?


Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Edit: It is a Valve Special and yes it has a 10' Speaker



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the combo speaker is 8".

a 10" will only fit if you modify the cabinet. and some wish they hadn't.


the clean will be kinda farty at volume because the speaker isn't broken in, in part, and becasue it's a low db sensitvity speaker, compared to 10 or 12 size, to start with.


you can get a nice clear classic clean tone.. but not at any volume to speak of.


You might get enough this way: a 12" 8ohm speaker plugged into the 4ohm amp jack. WITH your 16ohm combo speaker plugged into the

8ohm amp jack.

the higher sensitivity of the 12" will give you more volume, the combo speaker atop that cabinet will get the volume to your ears..

together they sound fuller and better, to me-I have two heads and two combos, overall.


If you use a 5751 preamp tube, you'll reduce your gain, getting more clean on the knob. just a tick more actual clean volume, but that's a good tube for clean so.. it's nice sounding, too.


the wattage of the speaker is something to consider if it's way overboard.

I use a 50 watt speaker, eminence 12".

the stock vj speakers are what.. 60 or 70 watts?


the sensitivity of the speaker is where you'll get your volume. a more sensitive speaker. 100db is great, higher is better!.. will give you more decibels of loudness at the same volume setting.


8" speakers are hard to find over 96db.

12" speakers are easier to find at 100db.


keep the wattage around 75 or lower.. consider warehouse speakers on ebay..

anyone have that url?..


5751, higher db speaker.. more clean.

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Paper cone? Are paper cones the standard for guitar speakers? I don't have much experience with guitar speakers but in terms of regular stereo speakers' date=' I always thought paper cones were supposed to be bad and stiffer cone materials were better? [/quote']


Yes, about 99% of all guitar speakers made using paper cones. I do seem to remember that Hartke made some with aluminum cones, and I think there are some made of hemp, but paper is standard.



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my reply was dumb anyway..

he has the valve special with a 10" speaker..


10s have higher db sensitivity than 8s..


still check warehouse out.. !


there was one guy who was using two tens and really liked it.. bigbeck? I've forgotten.


sorry for my lousy reading!

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