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Good Unplugged guitar


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G'day Mate,


I went to buy a semi recently and had the Dot in mind, and an amount I was prepared to spend.


After playing a few unplugged, because that is how I like to practice, they weren't doing anything for me and so I picked up a Casino. The Casino still isn't an acoustic but it's unplugged performance is heaps better than the Dot.


I ended up paying $300 more than I had intended but couldn't be happier with the guitar.



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I'll second Digger's vote, for the Casino! If, however, you are really going to play "unplugged" more than "electric,"

but want to do both, with one guitar...??? Don't know...EJ-160-E (or the Gibson version, if you've got the coin). They

both have magnetic pickups (P-100/P-90), so you can get an "electric" sound. Personally, I think "electric" needs an

electic guitar, and acoustic...needs an "Acoustic" guitar! Anything else, is compromising both! But, that's just me!




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Are you looking for an electric that you can just sit and play?


Are you looking for an acoustic? A hollow body?


Are you looking for something that feels good just sitting down and chilling with, or are you looking for a particular sound when not plugged in?


I have 23 Epiphones and they all sound good unplugged for some or all of the reasons above.

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I'll third Digger's vote.


The Casino is an excellent electric guitar and an OK archtop acoustic guitar.


Now archtop acoustics do not have the same tone as a guitar with a round sound hole, it's a different beast altogether.


In addition, a big box archtop with a bridge mounted directly on the body of the guitar will sound louder and better than the Casino. But of all the guitars I've played (either in music stores, at home, or with friends), the Casino has the best acoustic personality.


Insights and incites by Notes.

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Well then, a Dot or a Sheraton or a Casino would do the trick. One of the things I really like about the Elitist Dot is that I can 'noodle' away on it while I'm watching TV.. it's loud enough to hear but it doesn't blow away anything else I may be listening to.



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Well' date=' I was at Guitar Center yesterday, and I played about 15 different electric guitars unplugged and I thought..........

Who cares what an ELECTRIC guitar sounds like unplugged?????[/quote']


Are you kidding? That's a pretty good way to choose a guitar. If it doesn't sing unplugged, chances are it will never sing no matter what kind of mods you do.

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