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My modified Epiphone Emperor


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Alright! Another CCR! The one in my avatar pic is a Vintage Vibe Guitars CCR, yours? And do you have trouble explaining to people how mellow that pickup is, but how raunchy it can get?


I'm impressed as to how clear and unmuddy this pickup is...I was looking for the old Merle Travis sound and this guitar's got that for sure. I'll probably put a pearl colored pickguard on later. I like the looks of these CC pups as well as their sound. I ordered this CC from Seymour Duncan...took me about 7 months to receive it. I wired it in with 500K pots and .02 cap and it turned out great in the sound dept.


The install was a challenge...there's essentially NO technical info available for CC pups... Cutting the front hole and drilling the adjusting holes w/o a stencil and hoping they would all align. It worked out, but I may be luckier than I am good :-#



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Thanks, Bluesstringer, I added Vintage Vibe pickup link above (for CC style pups) GREAT prices on their CC versions.

I'm definitely going to try one of their CC's in my next project

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