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Head/Cab Question


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OK... My confusion is basically over what cabs go with what heads.


The Valve Jr. head has 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs. So, this means that I can hook up a single cab that has no less than 4 ohms impedance, right? But what do I do if I want to use multiple cabs?



The reason I bring it up, is I was checking out the difference between the Blackheart Little Giant and the Valv Jr. The BH amp, has five outputs: 4 ohm x2, 8 ohm x2, 16 ohm x1. The manual said that if I wanted to hook up two 8 ohm cabs to use the 4 ohm outputs. Similarly, if I wanted to hook up two 16 ohm cabs, I should use the 8 ohm outputs.


Does this imply that you can't use the VJ in a parallel configuration?


I'm a total noob at the head/cab thing, and physics class was 12 years ago!

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You could add output jacks very simply. However, here is the solution I use, it is very easy and only cost me a dollar.




I got the jack plate from PartsExpress. I'm using two 8ohm speakers. When using a single cabinet they are always 8ohms. Right now, if you daisy chain a cab out they are in parallel, so they use the 4ohm impedance. But, I could just as easily wire them in series for 16. If I used two 16ohm speakers in parallel I'd use the 8ohm jack on the VJr. I have an Eminence hemp cone Lil' Buddy in the top cab, very smooth. The bottom is an AlNiCo blackframe from some kind of a Fender reissue. Great speakers, that really compliment each other.




I think it's a nice rig.



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