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Wiring Problem


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Hi everyone,

I am hopeing someone can help me.

I have a 04 or 05 Epi LP standard. Love it. Had it for about a year, and all of a sudden my neck pick up stopped working. The night I first noticed it( when I switched it to rythym) I applied a bit of pressure to the p-up and moved it a bit and it came back to life for a song or 2. Now I cant get it to make a sound.

The problem is... I don`t know jack s*&% about pick ups or wiring in a electric guitar. I did take it apart to look for anything apparent..but didn`t see anything.

I guess I have 2 questions,

1) is it somewhat normal for a pick up that is a year old to just die? I have never abused this guitar, its been played a lot but very lovingly


2) could it be something else? Is there something that I shold look into that is a common problem, or easily fixed?


I know I could bring it into the shop and get it fixed but I`m the kinda guy who wants to take care of it myself, not to mention I`m saving up for a SG.


Any help/ideas would be great






Epi LP Standard

Epi Dr 100

Epi DR 212

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No, it's not normal for a pickup to die, I believe they should last about 50 years without major problems.

Something is loose and/or the wiring needs a checkup.


I would have said "pickup switch" first but if poking the pickup made a difference, I don't know..


Take a look at this tutorial for changing the pickups, gives you the basic idea how to proceed and what to expect when removing the pickup...



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OK...a bit of a update.... I also figured it had to do with the switch, so i pulled it out, played with it a while, gave it a little tickle LOL, made sure the contacts where good, and put it back in to test. Well I don`t know if it was always like this, but I could hear the neck pick up...just REALLY quietly. Like if I crank it i can hear it a bit. If I switch to bridge pick up I go deaf kinda thing.

So, know I know the pick up is good, I also know the wiring is conected properly. The volume and tone knobs seem to be working properly and the switch is working.

What the hell? Any ideas now? Anything I can test? Please.

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You may have a cold solder joint somewhere; I'd start with the switch but you might also want to look at the controls. All you need to do is re-heat the connections with a soldering iron, you can also add a tiny bit of fresh solder if you want. Just make sure that nothing moves while the solder is molten.

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Just make sure that nothing moves while the solder is molten.

Absolutely. The secret to a good solder joint (that hopefully won't go bad again) is to "tin" the contact on the pot (that means put a small blob of solder on the contact), "tin" the wire, apply heat to the contact then put the wire to the contact then move the iron away. Hold still until the solder "sets."


The best soldered connection is the one that uses the least amount of solder to do the job.

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I would desolder the front pickup connection at the pot and test the output of that pickup...while you're checking it, move the wiring around a little to see if the wire coming from the pup indicates a problem.


If the ohm reading (resistance) checks out within the acceptable range for your style pup...I would then head to the switch, then the controlling pot of that pup. I agree with the other good suggestions...remarks.

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