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What was the first live show you ever saw ?

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I hope this hasn't been done here before. It didn't show up on a search. There have been alot of fun topics on here lately, I hope this might be one as well.


My first live show was in 1967 at the Tivoli movie Theater in my home town in Indiana. It was Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. Unbelievable show, blew me away. They all rode into the theater on Panhead Harleys down the aisle and parked in front of the stage.


Didn't at that time do anything for my playing but did have something to do with me riding Harleys most of my life. I do remember a couple of Epiphones being used though but I don't remember what.


My first show after moving here to the D.C. area in 69 was Poco, Looking Glass, and Steppenwolf at a free concert at the Washington Monument. I am a huge Steppenwolf fan but Poco stole the show. I remember Richie Furray playing many different guitars.


What was yours ?

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Me too, the Feat were unreal, used to party on occasion with them and Root boy Slim (former roommate unfortunately, may he RIP) backstage at the Warner Theater in D.C. (shacked up with one of the female staff) Saw them probably a dozen times here. Catfish Hodge always opened for them. The first time I saw them, Rita Coolidge was one of the backup singers and Lowell George introduced his "protoge" (sp) Bonnie Raitt, who played a couple of numbers duirng the intermission while George was backstage. I wasn't surprised about his overdoese, being backstage, I have never seen so much herion in my life. The guy that used to promote them locally just died about six months ago.


Absolutely unbelieveable and unique slide guitarist. Great loss........ He also had a lot to do with Danny Gatton's sucess in Nashville, from Redneck Jazz on....Until Lowell's death. Barrare was quite a guitarist too in his own right.

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The Beatles, Busch Stadium, St. Louis Missouri. August, 1966


A friend, from a neighboring town, who also happend to play bass,

in our band, and I rode to Kansas City, with his parents, boarded a bus, to St. Louis, arrived the day before the show,

and stayed in a old hotel, down near the stadium, and the "Arch!" Not the best part of town, obviously, but we were

fine...the hotel was clean, and FULL of lovely teenage girls! Man, what a trip that was! It was the first concert I went

to, the first trip without parental authority, around...I was 16, my friend was 17, and we had a ball! The Beatles concert,

was exciting, to say the least, but as a musical event, it was a disaster! Oh, they played well (or as well as could be

expected, under the circumstances), but you couldn't hear anything, past the first chord of ANY song! Sreaming....it was

like being right nex to, a high pitched jet engine! And, constant! But, as an "event" it was fantastic! I wouldn't have

missed it, for the world! After that...I guess the next concert we attended, at the Cotillion Ballroom, in Wichita (KS),

would have been "The Yardbirds!" That was fantastic, as well...and in those days, you could get right up to the

stage...no "reserved seating," etc. I was 10 feet, from Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, on the same stage! Amazing!!

The first time I ever saw anyone use a violin bow, on an electric guitar! After that...almost anyone that we liked,

that came within 100 miles, we drive up to see. It was an amazing time!



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My first show, sometime in the late 60's (maybe 68 or so, not sure). Was Johnny Cash at the Los Angeles Forum. My mom took me (I was 8). We had floor seats, somewhere around row 20 or so.

Going to see Rush tomorrow night!!! woo hoo!!!!

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My first show - Bachman Turner Overdrive at the Nassau Colliseum in 1975. Elvin Bishop was the opening act.


BTW - for Feat folk: I'm a big Southside Johnny fan. I've seen him at least 20-25 times. Next month I'm seeing him on a shared bill with Little Feat. I have seats right at the stage. Seats don't fail me now! Indeed.

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A lot of the people I listened to before my first concert, I never got to see play live, Tull, Purple, Hendrix, Nugent, Beatles, Berry, Haley, there were many I heard or saw a glimpse of on TV (no cable in my house yet) that I never got to see. I came in to the concert seen with the beginning of the metal stadium years, so my first concert was a three band circus (and guitar heaven for me). It was Saxon, Fastway, and Iron Maiden. I know I'll be billed as generation X, but I never felt part of that whole thing. Generation XXX maybe! There you go, I was 15, and it was a wild night in McNichols Arena in Denver CO. There were bottle rockets flying all over the place, m-80's going off in the isles and it was funny because some guy in the front row was taunting Eddie Clark,the guitarists of Fastway, so Eddie gives him some lip...and right while Eddie was playing...this guy leaps on the stage and takes a swing at him! Well Eddie,with guitar around his shoulder still, beats the crap out of this guy and security comes and drags him away. I laughed a while over that one.

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1st concert I remember ( I don't think Elvis at age 6 months old counts..LOL) was Black Oak with Jim Dandy..the lead in act was Charlie Danials (he rocked!), that was in the early 70's. My girlfriend at the time was in lust for Jim Dandy.

About 1975 went to see ZZ Top on thier 1st tour...didn't get to see them...something about left handed cigarettes not being allowed, and the Mobile Police doesn't have a very good sense of humor! at least they did piped the concert into the holding cell where I got to spend the night..lol

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I just don't remember wich was the first one, but I think it was in the same year at the same place... (around 78-79 I think )

Montreal Forum. It was Frank Zappa and Elton John.

For the Zappa's show, I can't hardly remember details....I was up in smoke...Lollll

For Elton John, it was a great show. You probably remember this era he was giving shows with special costumes and giant hats...music was great thoug...

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