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Lp Standard Help?

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So i bought a Lp Standard used off of craigslist.

I checked the serial number it was made in May 2005. but theres another sticker on the back with a 4 and a epiphone mark. Does anyone know what this means?


The Sticker.


Is it safe to assume that this is not a pic of your headstock, but just a pic to show the sticker you're talking about ??? Because this headstock pictured is :


Your guitar was made at the

Saein Plant, Korea/China

March 2004

Production Number: 1245


....which does not match the info you've provided, and which is probably why you have a 4 instead of a 28 on the inspection sticker. That's just an id numberindicating the person that "inspected and set-up" your Epi when it arrived in the good ol' USA.

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