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getting a Nashville Tune o matic bridge 4 my epi


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hello everyone! i wanna noe if i can fit a nashville tune o matic bridge on my epi les paul studio


has anyone done this before?


i´m talking about the ones they sell on stewmac.com


here´s the link




they say those are the ones that come standard in the new gibsons so they should have the same size than

the epiphones right?

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Epiphones use metric asian hardware' date=' and their bridges use completely different, larger posts. You would most likely have to re-position the stud bushings.[/quote']



then, how can i find a replacement TOM for this guitar? :S

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ah well, they truly don´t look as cool as the nashville but they seem to be tough, at least more than the one that came with the epi


these will fit with no problems?


and, is better to get nickel or chrome? which one is more durable?



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