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ANOTHER fake Epi/Gibson


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A supposed 1954 Gold Top on eBay UK. Look at the 'Gibson headstock' and prepare to spit your beverage all over your screen in laughter:




Oh, and this is a quote designed to make you put complete trust in the seller:


It has on the back of the headstock a number that when entered in to web site tells me it was made in 2000 and what factory it was made and some other stuff {dont ask what the number is I aint tellin you the id number of my guitar}


EDIT: Rong G is right...here's the link I meant to post:



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That headstock is actually pretty nicely done. Weird that it has an LP Standard TRC instead of one for the '56 GT. What's up with the natural back??? Interesting unit but I wouldn't want to buy it.


Funny, how with some people on the Internet you just can't tell whether they are Chinese or just illiterate. In this case I think it's the latter.

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