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"Locked" topics, and deletions

charlie brown

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Gents and/or Ladies,


Recently, 2 of my topics were suddenly, and

seemingly (according to the rules, anyway)

for no reason, locked, and immediately deleted,

from the 1st page, on the "electric guitar" forum,

where both were active and still being contributed

to, by other memebers. What's up, with that?

And, if it's a space problem, why not delete from

the inactive (last pages) first?


Just curious...



Charlie Brown

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My bet?


You will not get a response, and this thread will get deleted.


I put up a poll a couple of weeks ago about posting non-Epi photos. I even suggested an explaination from the mods would be nice.


Peeps were voting, then *poof* into the ether.


One a completely unrelated note, like my new avatar? :-

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Hi Charlie,


Thanks for the posts. This specific forum is for the discussion of Epiphone Electric models, if a post is determined to be off topic it is indeed subject to being locked or deleted. We do appreciate your participation in the forums!

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