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Rickenbacker 12-string and Epi Casino combination

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Did a jam with a friend of mine, who usually uses

his Gretsch Country Gent, to play both rhythm and

some leads, around my Rick-12 string stuff, when

we're in a Byrds, Beatles, Tom Petty, Buffalo Spingfield,

kind of mood. However, this day, he brought his newly

acquired Elitist Casino (Sunburst), and I must say...it

was a natural fit, with the Ricky!


So, are there any others, out there that have had

similar eperiences, with Ric's (or maybe "Riviera-12's)

and Casino's (or other Epi's), and was it primarily in

"Lead" or "Rhythm" functions. I ask this, because

sometimes, in the past, when I was playing the Ric

with someone with a "Strat," or "Tele" it was just'

TOO much "jangle," with the Fender's being so similar

in tone/bite, to the Ric. The Casino (and Gretsch's too)

have a much more rounded tone, that seems a perfect

match, to a Rickenbacker 12, or maybe any 12-string.


What do you all think, if you care to share?



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Haven't thought about it lately, but years back when I had my Firebird V and one of my bandmates had a 345, we used to have alot of fun with the Johnny Winter/Rick Derringer stuff. There was someting about the combo of the crunch and sustain of the FB in conjunction with the smooth sound of the 345 that was just great. We would swap guitar, leads rythms, all of it to play with the sounds playing those old (and still great) AND songs. He could also play a mean "Living in the USA" Derringer cover that would bring tears to my eyes.


The other como I have always loved is Skynyrd's sound when Steve Gaines Strat "Quack" dueled in unison with Gary Rossingtons SG on slide and the crunch of Allen Collins Korina Explorer. In fact, I have to watch the DVD again tonight now, just thinking about it. I can never go too long without hearing that combo. Almost a daily fix !!!!!

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Stupid ?: Is there a Bass player involved' date=' or just you and your Buddy?

BTW, IMHO, You have the best combo already with the CG and Rick12.


I can see how the Casino would help the harmony though.[/quote']


Stupid? What...me, the situation, the question...Not sure what your saying here?


OH...DUH, I see..."Stupid ?" (question)...sorry, I'm a bit out of it, today!


Well, it was just a "jam" and he (naturally) wanted to try out

his new "toy" (Casino), so we just went with it. It turned out to be

a nice combination, too...just one more "possibility," seemingly. And

I had never really tested that combo, before...so, it was fun and

interesting, too. Yeah, there was a bass player and drummer, too.

If that makes any difference, about what you wanted to know?



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Sorry. I meant I was ASKING a stupid ?


I did not mean to insult.


BTW' date=' I am a HUGE beatles fan.




Yeah, I got it...just took me a minute! LOL! Wasn't

"awake" yet, I guess...so, no problemo!


And, The Beatles RULE!...(Still) ;>)

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Not a stupid question. I thought I was the only one on the tone quest, band wise.


My bandmate mainly plays his LP with P90s or his strat not so much. He uses an AC30 and me a Dual Showman with a 2X12 bottom.


At pratice I have tried a lot of my guitars but found the best match for what we do to be my 335s and SGs. He plays more lead than I do but I do several of the more riff based songs.


The Beatles always did their own thing and always sounded good whether they were both playing strats or casinos. Studio wise they were always careful to get a different tone for every song.


It is all skill though. We both have a buddy that can come in pick up anything laying around plugged into whatever and it is his sound. I am an amature compared to him.


But anyway yeah you are not the only one to try out or notice what works with what band or group of people.

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So' date=' Byrds1965...do you play "Byrds" tunes? And have you got a favorite combination,

where it concerns a Ric 12-string and complimentary second guitar (lead or rhythm)?

No biggie...just curious.




Yes hence the Byrds1965 log in.


I am in a cover band with guys I have know since my teens, but they are not big Byrds fans and we don't do any of their songs. Just the usual cover bar band songs: Day Tripper, Jenny, Petty, Nickelback, Crowes etc.


I am a big Beatles, Byrds, Springfield, Petty fan. Most of my own stuff, demos, on my own that I do in that vibe, I would say style but in my mind that would mean I had the talent of those guys and I don't.


For the 12 string stuff, my Ric 360-12 with the Tennessean through my Dual Showman and my 2X15 bottom. Bass my Artcore, the one that is close to a Guild Starfire, or my J Bass. On the early Byrds type stuff. The 12 string played with a flat pick and 2 finger picks so I can do the rolling-flatpicking like McGuinn. All recorded through a Lawson MP47 and an Avalon. The 12 string direct with compression.


The few times I have brought my 12 string to pratice, through my Dual Showman with the 2X12 bottom. The other guitar player favors his gold top LP with P90s and it sounds good but we really don't do any songs that it fits with. He bothers me to bring it every now and then but it never goes out live and stays home where it is safe.


Harrison got more of the piano tone from his 12 most of a Hard Days Night, or Beatles for Sale. With that tone anything for rhythm, Ric 350, strat, tele, 335, J45 etc.


We tried Ticket to Ride a long time ago but it always leads to arguments with my friend and other guitar player who insists Paul plays the riff on his Casino. It is Paul playing the lead lines at the end of the verses and the outro. Harrison plays the riff on his 360-12.


Never been able to get that tone. At that time they were using AC100s, and I owned an AC50 at one time, same amp but only 2 EL34s and 2 channels vs the 4 EL34s and one channel on the AC100s. Wonder if he went direct with compression for that one? I guess only Norman Smith would know that one and he never wrote a book.


If you have ever gotten that Ticket to Ride tone let me in on the secret.

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Wow...well, Beatles tones, can be "close" but a lot of it was THEM! We (any of us) are not them...so, some of that tone/mojo is unique to them, alone. I know what you mean, though. I had pretty good luck reproducing that tone, on a Vox AC-30, and the Casino, where applicable. Also, remember...George Martin played a LOT of piano (background fills/accompaniment)...and, I'm pretty sure, he did so, mimicing (playing along with) George's solo on "A Hard Day's Night!" Or, it could have been Paul, too...double tracking that solo, on piano? Mark Lewishon's book on recording the Beatles should be a good source, for that kind of information, too. There is another book called "Recording The Beatles" that's available, as well.


Yeah, I know the feeling, about trying to find people to play with that LOVE "The Bryds" as much as you (and I) do! I have the same problem, around here, believe me! I've been playing that stuff, myself since High School, when it was popular, originally. But, at least you can banjo roll the picking. I still just use a flat pick, and try to make up for that, buy picking very fast, in places that should be done with finger picks. It works, OK...but, I'd love to be coordinated enough to do it "Properly," you know? LOL!! Sounds like we have very similar musical tastes. I love Bob Dylan and "The Blues" as well!


Hang in there!



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Byrds1965...are you using a flat pick AND finger picks (metal or plastic?), the way McGuinn does,

or a thumb pick and finger picks, like he USED to do? Any good DVD recommendations, for learning

"banjo rolls," as he calls it? Thanks, in advance, for any help, you or the other members can give me.

I MAY be "too old a dog," to learn that new trick with any accuracy, but I'm sure willing to try!



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