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Epiphone EB-3 5 String


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I was hoping to find out some more information about the Epihone EB-3 5 string Bass that was manufactured in 2000 and displayed at NAMM.


1) How many were produced?

2) Where should I be looking if I wanted to obtain one?

3) Does Epiphone do custom orders like this? Could I get one made?

4) Why are they not being made anymore?


The SG line of bases is totally underrated. I have a late model Epi EB-3 (long scale) and the feel is awesome! I can only imagine the sounds I could get strangling that ultra fast neck with an extra string! I used to drool over the SG guitars and when I switched to the bass, I primarily used a 5-string. If I could get my hands on a 5-string EB-3, it would all be downhill from there.

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Dont know a lot about them except that they look great. And with the 2 soap bars, slick neck, comfortable body shape and les paul style bridge I would love to try one.




If you do end up getting one nobodyweird, then please post some pics here for the rest of us Gassing bassists.

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  • 12 years later...

Here's to reviving 12 year old threads! 

Interested in selling mine. Anyone out there still want to see some pics, and hear a review? 

My opinion is that this bass had a very awkward pickup position (tonally, not ergonomically). I've re-wired mine and changed the capacitor to explore other tones, but I'm still not impressed. Truthfully, when played through something like an ACME Motown DI this thing sounds very good, but I never adopted this bass in my gigging for 3 reasons:

1.) very low output volume (which required me to work with expensive DI's to compensate)

2.) very different tones than what I'm used to

3.) Very awkward (ergonomically) weight distribution famous in SG style bodies. I HAAAATE SG style bodies for this... but their just so good looking that it's hard to resist.

I have no real good idea what this is really worth. Not an amazing guitar, but special and hard to find.

Pics... https://nrcw.com:5001/mo/sharing/mUGUaET7k

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