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Amp for thunderbird mk4


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I received a mk4 as a gift last xmas and have been messing with it through an EQ'd PA, but would like to get

an actual bass amp for it. I'm a guitarist and not a real serious bass player, but I do like messing with it. Got

a pretty nice sound and it's absolutely beautiful to look at. I play sitting down and don't gig so neck dive is not

an issue. Willing to spend about $300 american. new or used doesn't matter. Thanks

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300 bux is tough.


The best amp IMHO for an Epiphone thunderbird IV is anything that at bare minimum has an Ampeg tube preamp in it. ie SVT head or an SVP-PRO or SVP-CL or SVP- IIP. The 2 are a match made in heaven. Your choice of what comes after that in the chain but for me that pairing is gold.

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