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Need some help reviving my old Epiphone Sheraton...


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I have a roughly circa 1980 Epiphone Sheraton (Japan model - I still remember taking the made in japan sticker off it!) that my father bought for me new back in the day. I was interested in a 335 style guitar and test drove the Riviera of the same era and liked the more expensive (my dad didn't love that) Sheraton. It is the natural finish model with gold hardware and it has, overall served me quite well over the years. Although in the post marriage/kids era I've played a lot less, and when I've played it has mostly been acoustic, it has remained indoors in climate control all these years so it remains in very good condition overall, the wood has aged beautifully. It still fits me like a glove - perhaps because it is the instrument on which I primarily learned to play.


I'm shopping for a new amp and am deciding to play some more electric, but the Sheraton has developed a few bugs (several of which seem well documented around here since I've been lurking) - mostly some dirty pots and switches. And the gold has worn a lot on the tailpiece and bridge - still functional of course but don't look that great. So I've been considering a bit of an overhaul and was hoping to get some suggestions from the community here.


I'm thinking that the wiring, pots and switch should all be replaced. Given the semi hollowbody nature I'm not sure this is something I can do no my own or if I need help. Any thoughts on brands, etc...?


I'm also thinking about new pickups - seems logical to do that at the same time as the wiring if it's going to get done. I am looking for a medium output classic PAF tone - I'm not a shredder and play mostly roots rock, alt country, etc... Any recommendations for a moderately priced replacement? Again, is this a job I can do myself? I'm a reasonably handy person but am not an electrician by any means.


Lastly - at some point I'll likely replace the hardward - the tuners still look almost new oddly, but as I've mentioned the tailpiece and bridge are dicey - thinking of going chrome. I won't probably do this at the same time as the electronics for cost reasons - but any moderate range replacement recs are welcome.


And lastly - if anyone wants to chime in on a sub $300 (used) amp I'd be interested to hear people;s thoughts. I may end up playing in a church band so I need a little bit of power, but sold my old Twin Reverb years ago as it was too darn heavy so I'm mostly interested in 1x12 formats, tubes preferred if affordable, probably in the 20-30w range. Again I like a nice clean and the ability for a little bit of drive - no shredding tones needed. I've been bidding some on Peavey Classic 30s but haven't won one in that range yet...


Thanks in advance!!!

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Welcome to the forum Hesnot. great place, great people. As soon as I can afford to do it, I will be refreshing my 95 nat. Sherry as well. If you are very good with a soldering iron go for it. If you need practice, practice on something other than your Sherry first would be my suggestion.


Twang, here on the forum, would be a good choice to provide you with a wired replacement for pots/switch/jack/caps. Good guy, will save you money and will be very helpful if you have questions as to what parts to go with etc.


I'm going to go with GFS 59's when I do mine as they are paf style and much less expensive than the Gibby Classic 57's and other similar sounding pups. I've heard them in use and like them.


Law around here mandates that you post pics !, again, Welcome !

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I just finished an order for a sheraton order along the same lines.

He went with the original gold though.


We replaced the tuners with grover imperial style.. rotomatics with fancy art deco knobs.

I liked his so much I bought a set for my blondy.. a natural sheraton, Samick factory. and I love 'em.


We put in a tusq nut.

We added a new bridge and tail.. deviating from the samick design which was bigger and blockier.. *and discontinued*

We put in new pots, switch and jack.. CTS switchcraft..

and we replaced his stock pups with Kent Armstrong Vintage N, alnico, 12 pole, humbucks. *vintage output, around 8.4K.. this gives you all the classis sounds.. not a metal pup but could handle that nicely, too*


switching to chrome will save you some money, and chrome looks great on sheratons, too.


I also put the KA Vinatge N in my bridge in the les paul studio. and that's a keeper. I like those pups a lot.


The difficulty in doing this yourself is threading the components through the f holes, the only way I know of to get them in.

You have to go slow and not stress the connections.. or you wind up having to start over.

But it's doable with patience and I can be online when you do it if you need help.


the difference is amazing. and that's no exaggeration.


I wire all components, and you'll want to add better caps to the tone pots, to a cardboard. that way everything is spaced correctly, and the thing can be made so that you can pick it up by any single wire in there.. that's important when you are threading it through.. you want strength so that it can the stress of pulling a bit this way and that.


I like to use old guitar cable, with the wire stripped out, to sheath the wires from component to component sometimes. with the sheri this is handy because it makes the insertion work like a wheel..


The tuners are a no brainer. remove replace you're done.

The nut comes out with few taps on the side with a screwdriver tip hit lightly..

new one slides in. small drop of elmers to freeze it. voila!


you want to match your knobs to the new pots splines.. usa or metric knobs, then match your splines to that.

CTS and Alpha are typical choices.


you don't want a box type switch as is in the stock version.


I use cloth covered wire for all hot leads and rubber for grounds.


cost is less through me than most, you can check it out.

and you can do it part by part if you like, just do the controls all at once, of course.


you can pm me if you're interested. and I'm never offended by those who say no thanks.

It's your guitar.. I dont want to be the guy who made you unhappy about it in any way.


although lerxst is gonna kill me if I dont get him that new pickguard today.

(couldnt' get through yesterday lerxst!)


The epi VJ has enough cleans for church.. I would think. at least the times I played in church it would have been loud enough.

but it really is an overdrive type amp so.. maybe not for you.

I'd look at a pro jr. or blues jr used..

or some other 15 watt tube amp.



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Hi HesNot. I just purchased a 1994 Sheraton Natural color (Samick factory) that sat in the guys garage for 14 years so all the hardware was corroded to the max. I'am in the process of refurbishing it. Now it's in the shop getting the frets leveled crowned and dressed and the finish professionally buffed out. I'm replacing the electronics with CTS pots and swithcraft switch and jack. Putting in GFS '59 pickups, tusq nut, tonepros stopbar and bridge, Grover tulip tuners, chorme pickup mouting rings, Gibson ES-335 style pickguard mounting brackett, Schaller strap locks, new speed knobs and three different color pickguards to go with my mood - tortoise, red and leopard. As soon as my luthier finihes the frets, I'll be posting progressive detailed pictures of the refurbish job, including manuvering full sized pots through the f holes. This is my first experience with Epiphone and I can't wait to get it done and gig with it. Picked this one up for $300 so I don't mind investing the $$ to bring it back up to par. I also picked up a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard Ebony over the weekend for $1,000 with WCR Goodwood pickups (check them out on the net) and I'm also adding tonepros bride and stopbar to the Les. I'll post pictures of the Les to. Good luck.

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