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Yes I (we) have! Satin Finish 335's were $1400 to $1600, depending on where you looked/shopped,

just a year ago! NOW...$1999! I bought a faded double cut Les Paul, for $450...out the door, 2 years

ago. It's (advertised, at least) at $850 to $900, now. 3 months ago, a '61 SG Standard, was selling

for $1400 to $1600 (again, depending on where you shopped), but is now over 2 Grand! And, yes...

Gibson DID "warn us," by announcing a price increase! But the "percentage" was a bit of a "Shock!"

But, I guess it's whatever they want, or feel they can get away with? As long as folks still buy them,

Whatever the price is, they'll continue to "do what they do!" ;>b



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Yeah, isn't THAT amazing....since when, did a USED guitar automatically become "Vintage!" "Vintage" is a term for WINE!

And, later of 50+ year old cars! Now 50+ year old guitars...no problem..."Vintage" is fine...but, 6 month or even 20 year

old guitars are just USED! It's just "marketing" to raise the prices! "Money," AGAIN!! And, if someone is dumb enough

to pay that...who can blame the seller? ;>)



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