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Best Guitar tuner for drop d???

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looking at a few... what is the best way to go? any Korgs out there with drop d at a reasonable price??? any other recommendations???



Nearly any chromatic guitar/bass tuner will allow you to tune to any tuning. All dropped "D" tuning is is lowering the low "E" down to "D". As for tuners I can't say enough about the Boss TU-12 and TU-12H (extended upper range for tuning mandolins/octave guitars etc.) but...a couple of years ago I bought a lot of a dozen Korg CA-30 C hromatic Tuners for $110 with shipping (Less than ten bucks each) on E Bay with the intention of re-selling but ended up keeping them and putting them in some of my guitar cases...great tuner for the money and calibrated within a few cents against a Peterson Virtual Strobe tuner ($250+ Uber tuner) through the entire range...around twenty-twenty five bucks or less usually. Good luck.


...and Al's your uncle.

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"best" is a highly subjective term that could have many different meanings.


In terms of accuracy, nothing under $200 matches the Peterson offerings. They're 10 times more accurate than just about everything else out there, at, below, and even above that price point. If you like to set your intonation every so often, get a Peterson. If you like to tune once, and not have to fiddle with re-tuning each string several times, get a Peterson. If you want to set up special tunings, including if you use the Buzz Feiten system, get a Peterson. If you don't mnd paying $200 for a tuner, get a Peterson. You won't regret it.


If you just want a reasonably accurate tuner for a reasonable price, just about anything that does chromatic will work, and the TU12 is a fine choice.


FWIW, with regard to Petersons, I have a buddy who owns a strobo-stomp, but replaced it on his board with a TU-12, because he couldn't see the SS display when conditions were too bright, and his band plays a lot of outdoor daylight shows in the summer. He still uses the SS for intonation adjustments.


I have a VS-1, and my only beef about it is that you have to get a case for it, or else the face of it is going to get mangled. I've replaced the plastic faceplate on mine twice, and have even had to replace the glass LCD window itself, when a stray cord in my gig bag attacked it and a plug got pressed hard into the faceplate. Ever since then, I store it in a small, separate bag with my wipe towel over the top. If I were to replace it, I'd get the strobo-flip, since that resolves that issue altogether.

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