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Flying V Cherry ""VS"" Flying V Faded Cherry


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Hi people, as all of us know Gibson.com page sucks and they haven't managed to take a picture of each colour during all these years, so I'm asking you, the Flying V Owners if you have either of 'em, could you take a detailed picture of your guitar or just its body?


I wan't to compare the colour between faded cherry and normal one.



ROck On!

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I saw both side by side in the shop. Yeah, there's gonna be variation, but I'd say the regualr model is a nice deep rich red, the faded cherry looked like it was painted with watercolors to me. To further complicate things, I have a a faded in brown that has a great (but different) feel to it, but the faded cherry I tried had too raw of a feel to me.

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Faded (or worn) Cherry



Gloss finish



Color-wise' date=' there doesn't seem to be much of a difference. Although the color on the faded ones will vary more from one guitar to the other, while the gloss one will be more consistent.





I've held several over the years. The gloss ones are wine red while the faded are more pale just like the pictures.

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