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epi lp custom wine red


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hello there. i wanted to ask something to all those members of this forum who might know anything about good music shops.

for a long time now, i have been looking for an epiphone les paul custom wine red to buy, but i can't seem so find one. and since i live in portugal, there aren't a lot of shops that are connected with gibson. even though the guitar was a limited edition (i think) does anyone know of a shop in europe that sells it at a reasonable price and can send it to portugal?


thank you very much to everyone who can help me with this query.

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it is really sad, since i just love that guitar.... O:) i found only one shop, in brazil, that still sells them, but they dont ship it to europe...

anyway.. i think i'll have to go with my second choice, an epi lp custom, ebony or white. any thoughts on a great shop around europe (portugal, spain, uk, france and germany, preferabilly) that sells them at a good price and can send them over to portugal?

thank you very much again

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