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moving ac heater supply

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Hi all I just have a quick question about moving the ac heater supply from off the pc board, I've seen the S2 amps link in the epi forum FAQs which describe how to do it to a ver. 1 valve junior in order to reduce noise which looks pretty straightfoward, so I'm going to try it on my valve special. My question is, as the special has 2 12ax7s, do i connect both pins 4 and pins 9 of the 12ax7s to the point where the PT heater connections join the 100R resistors that go to the cathode/ pin 3 of the EL84?

Hope this isn't too much of a noob-ish question but i figured someone here would probably know so just wanted to check about it first before trying it, thanks in advance.

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okay don't own one but from what I can see from the schematic of the VJr:

a/c EL84 heaters are on pin 4 and 5, on the 12ax7 heaters are on 4,5,9.

So you would connect 1 heater line to pin5 of the el84 then continue that over to pin9 of both the 12ax7's.

Then you would take the second heater line and go from pin4 of the el84 to pin4&5 of both 12ax7's.

you can the easily put both 100ohm center tape resistors off of pin4&5 on the el84.


Are you sure the valve special is running a/c heaters though?

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