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Finally finished Sheraton Mods...

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Here's the Sheraton i bought off CL a few weeks ago after completing mods...


57' HB's and HB Classic

Black shortened pickguard

Black Knobs


Thank you to all with the natural finishes / black accessories for the inspiration!


I will post mods of my Casino MIK when completed!!!












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JGLongBeach, Nice mods on the Sheraton II NA.:-s The only thing I modded on my Sheraton II NA were the knobs. I went with the gold with white numbers as the gold went with the gold hardware better (to each his own).

I would definately get some dial markers to place under the knobs so you know where the heck you're dialed into

without guessing. Especially when your playing out in the clubs. I'm 55 years old and my eyesight's not so great

anymore (can see far away, but can't see close up worth a $#!+ without my glasses).:) The markers aren't only

an aid though, they definitely add class to the guitar's appearance. The come stock on most of the Casinos I've seen.


On my Les Paul Standard, I took off the crappy gold on gold knobs that come stock and replaced them with the

black knobs like you put on your Sheraton II. My Les Paul is VS, so those black knobs and the pointers really add

a lot of class to it.


Best of luck with your Sheraton.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Hope you all have a great Memorial Weekend!


sdgails : congrats in converting it to a DOT

Yeah, it's now a dot with blocks...hehehe...




OK it's pretty...but how's she sound??

She bites better than she looks... I'll know for sure when i gig it this weekend...

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new bridge tail will be on soon.

didn't show off the grover imperials in this.. dangit.


Grover imperials...hmmm... why didn't i think of that!!! ok thanks Twang- mines going back into surgery!

Like the knobs and the white pickguard...are those P90's?

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It's actually all cream guard etc.. matches the amp face pretty good too... in the right light.


and p90s yep. fourth set of pups in there and I'm finally happy.


and I beat everyone's price on grover imperials if you want some!


man I should clean that thing.. *L*

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