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How many pieces is a LP neck?


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Hey just wondered how you can tell how many pieces of wood make up the neck on your LP?


Mine looks like one piece right from the body till you get to the head stock and there is a colour change in a perfect straight line which im guessing is a join. So would that make mine two piece?


Ive heard they make them in three pieces too, is that right? Its easy for me to tell as mine is just laquered on the back and sides and just the front finished in honeyburst but what about if buying a custom where the neck is painted? How do you know what your getting?



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The Epi is a 3 piece neck, the headstock/angle-joint that is glued on to allow that piece to be there, then there is the heel on the dovetail joint that is added (SG doesn't have this piece, so essentially it's an SG neck until the lower 'tenon' is added.)

That's the way it was explained to me, so if it's not exactly right then I apologize.

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