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VJ combo speaker replacement advice

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is usually where people go for the combo 8"er.


low watt ceramic .. not expensive.. you have to look through the list though cause I can't remember the model numbers.

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you'll get a lot more out of a 12" speaker though..

one of the best sounds I've gotten is using the 8" combo over a single 12" cabinet with both speakers running.

(you have to hook it up correctly)

but there's your bottom end... sounds really good.

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Welcome to the forum bluemoon.


Is your speaker blown or are you looking for a different tone? If you just want to replace a bad speaker with a stock type one then look on eBay or contact an Epiphone dealer. I do not know who the manufacturer was of the ver 2 combo speaker. In the latest cabinets, Eminence made the Epi "Lady Luck."


Tone upgrade? Forum members go around and around on this issue. We all agree that tone is completely subjective. It's really all about finding what you like to hear. Where do you start? Listen to manaufacturer's sound clips to help you identify what tone suits your tastes. Try these links:





Or, go to your local music source and listen to a variety of amps/cabs -- find what sounds good to you, then find out what speaker is being used. Keep in mind that even if you buy the same speaker that's in a Brand XX combo amp, it will sound somewhat different driven by your Epi combo (maybe better/maybe worse). So, better still, take your combo and plug into some cabs until you find your tone.


For tone improvement, TWANG's suggestion of adding a 12" to your existing 8 is a real good one. I have a ver. 3 head and use about three different setups, depending upon what I am playing:

8" Eminence legend / 12" Celestion Vintage 30 - good vintage British blues/rock

8" Eminence legend / 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex - the hemp cone Rex adds thump for heavier rythym work

12" Peavey Blue marvel / 12" Eminence Cannabis Rex - gritty, greasy blues/rock (Hooker to ZZ Top)


This should help put you onto the path that's best for you.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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Thanks for the advice.


I have a quick question for which I apologize in advance for. My amp hasn't arrived yet so I have no way of checking...but would I am leaning toward the Jensen P8R 25W. I am thinking I would need to order the 4ohm version rather than the 8, right?


Once again, this is the VJ combo (version 2).


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I think V2s have the three outputs.. 4/8/16....I'm not sure so I'm shutting up on that.

However, you can add output jacks.. I think the wires are all inside just no jack to connect it.

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OK here's my quick $.02 with a couple clips... Epi changed to an eminence 16ohm speaker wich is what I changed mine(4ohm version originally) to in these clips.....better than the stock 4ohm speaker...but still not enough for me on the low end. That being said...the tone with a 16Ohm 12" is Really nice and full.







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