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Just got my replacement Dot Studio from Epi! Update 6/3/08

Ron G

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It's a DW; last one was an EE. This one, also a 2nd, is much nicer, looks better made. The edges are much smoother, as is the fingerboard. Everything lines up OK. I had to look pretty hard to see what might have made it a 2nd because overall it looks great, again much nicer than its predecessor. The most obvious flaw seems to be at the heel of the neck where the glue joint isn't as smooth, finish-wise, as it should be. The top on this one has a tighter, better-looking grain and the finish is much nicer. I'll be setting it up soon as well as installing my Mean 90s, so I'll be having a closer look as I do that stuff. But so far, so good. Thanks, Epi. And thanks to the forum members who helped me through this ordeal.

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I just took my guitar apart in preparation for putting in my Mean 90s (Dave's gonna help me tonight - he has a better iron and the extra hands help). There are many differences for the better in this one (DW) vs the one it replaced (EE). I don't know whether it's due to factory or luck of the draw. Here are the differences:


1) The finish is different and nicer than any worn brown Dot Studio I've ever seen, even for a 2nd. The grain is tighter, finish is darker with a reddish tinge. Looks more like the Red Brown Mahogany on the Epi color chart. Looks like a guitar, not a hunk of wood. Pix will follow after reassembly.


2) The fingerboard is way smoother, the way it's supposed to be. Looks great after a cleaning with mineral oil.


3) Tailpiece and bridge are snug and tight; previous ones would just fall off after string removal.


4) Pickup cavities are neater and coated with some black stuff (shielding?)


5) Even though I'm replacing them I'll mention that the volume imbalance that I had with the stock pickups does not exist with the new ones. And these pickups didn't have wax all over the outside, either.


This one's a winner! After pickups, new strings and setup......ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!

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