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What are good strings for Les Paul Special II


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Any major brand of strings will work fine. After 4 months, your strings are likely in need of a change.


Some brands to look for:


Gibson (naturally)



GHS Boomers

Ernie Ball


...you get the picture. There are plenty to choose from.


You might want to take the guitar into a shop and have the buzz on the 6th string checked out.

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I gotta tell ya that I put Fender Bullet 10s on my Epi LP Classic and they're fabulous. The bullet ends do not fit quite as well in the bridge as the regular-end strings but the sound, feel and longevity of them are incredible. I also use them on my Strat (9s) and have had good success with them. I've tried a bunch and you probably should too. That's really the only way to determine what's best for YOUR guitar and playing style.

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Fender does make non-Bullet strings, you know.


I use D'Addario strings almost exclusively on my Casino, Fender strings almost exclusively on my acoustic (though I have a set of Martins waiting to be put on), and Fender Bullets on my Fender Strat.


The Squier Strat gets whatever I have left over.

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