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Stupid question regarding people to play with

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Where's a good place to find people to play with, I don't want to join a band, definitely not skilled enough to do that, but just want to find some people to jam with that won't be frustrated with my lack of skills.

I know that playing with others really helps improve your skills and would like to find people interested in the same type of music who are willing to put up with my learning curve.

Thanks again all.

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Another option, depending on your comfort level, is to go to

some area "open mic" or "Jam" nights. Maybe, at first, just to check

out the "skill level" of the players...and then...if you feel comfortable,

joing in the fun. Does two things...gets you playing with others,

and gets you used to playing in front of people. It's has helped

me, in both areas. I do that, every other Friday night, here...

and it's been a lot of fun, and good for learning other licks, phrases,

and even music styles. Plus, I've met some really great folks, and

new friends.




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Post a flyer in the entrance to GC and other music stores......they are usually wall papered in that stuff.....at least in the Boston area. Also the Boston Phoenix news paper is a resourse for that sort of thing as well.

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