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hey everyone umm i just got a Epiphone Viola a month ago and thats because i liked the beatles at the time (weve all had this faze)so i couldnt get the hofner so i got the epiphone viola, anyway i like the bass and all but im getting alittle bored and now i want a new bass(Gibson EB-3 Bass).


PS The bass cost 350$

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Getting a new bass will only solve your boredom temporarily.


what is it that you are bored with it? If it is the sound then you could try some digital effects. maybe get few pedals... like Chorus, Delay or maybe even Distortion? Unless, of course, you like the basic sound.

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So tell me are you just learning to play ?

Lot of new player get bored, sorry about that.

but learning everyone starts at the bottom of the pile so to speak..

No-one ever said it was going to be easy to learn,everyone gets bored playing the ,what seems like

the same thing over and over .An so,keep at it ,takes time how much is up to you ,,,

Me i`ve been playing over forty one years,an yes i got bored too,

but i still keep playing ,maybe some day i`ll know how ...

in other words i learn new thing or so it seem every time i play .

love jam nights get to play with people i`ve never played with before.

you`ll get better ,doesn`t matter what you play still got to learn the basics

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