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Biff Velvet

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Okay, so gentlemen. Upon seeing Mr. RotcanX's epi explorer, Ive been really gassing for one.

However, my original plan all along has been to splurge on a gibby explorer.


So I considered the following.


Buying the Epi (550 CND around my parts)

Adding possibly EMG 60/81 combo....or a dirty fingers combo of some sort to keep things passive.

and buying a nice case.


So in my approximation....

550 (guitar)

200+ (pickup replacements)

80ish (case)


Grand total.... $830


Gibby explorer around my parts....$995


So, I ask those with experience in regards to explorers to explore my options. (Wordplay intended)


I guess the pickups are where a nice portion of the epi expenses go...any other viable options for some bonecrushing pickups??


Thanks in advance fellas! (and lassies!)

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Nah, the gibson thing doesnt really get me personally.

As far as im concerned, my Epi LP Custom is good enough to be the only LP I ever own, its really that nice to me.

I guess Im asking for too much, since really Id never know how the upgraded Epi would play without actually doing those upgrades.

Unless someone else has done something similar?

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Actually that price is for a faded Explorer; if you want a nice one with a proper finish you're looking at more like $1400 Cdn after taxes.


I thought about trading up to a Gibson myself, but truth be told, since they've long since stopped making them out of Korina I don't really feel such a strong urge to own one. Of course if I had the eight large kicking around I'd order one of the 50th anniversary models but...

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