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favourite wood combo

BFG 28

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just runing a pole to see peoples favourite wood combos on guitars like mahogany body and maple neck ect.


mine is mahogany body for lows maple neck for sustain and maple top for highs and rose wood finger board.

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Depending on the guitar, pickups, pots, bridge, overall feel, there's alot of different flavors.


I'd have to say ash for telecaster, because of the interesting tonal qualities along with sustain and more treble and mids, maple neck, and ebony fretboards are amazing to play on.


For immense sustain, I actually liked the alder top on mahogany body of an antique white epiphone les paul custom I played, over the mahogany/maple gibson les paul studio I played.


Laminated maple sounds just about perfect on my dot, but I'd liek to hear ash or even basswood for different tones in the same make and shape.


I have a strat(G&L, shown at left), which I believe is alder(I don't know much about it, honestly), and I really love the sustain, though it's less bassy, and I had to do alot of pickup adjustment to bring out the real potential.

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Pshaw to yur mahoganies...they aren't even real mahogany anymore...but some

asian mystery wood...no wonder these new LPs are so darn heavy!8-[


Now if you want some sweet tone with good sustain..the best combo is gunstock

black walnut with figured maple/curly maple/flame/tiger maple caps.


Gibson made a few of those in '83 and realized that this guitar was just TOO GOOD to be made

in mass quantities and the ones that they did make were gobbled up by guitar

enthusiasts all over America. 59 long tenon and..walnut tone block too!


However, lets not have weeping and gnashing of teeth here forum members,

and collectors..the Gibson Custom shop can still make you one of these beauties

for..well... a godly price..and you can become a guitar god with it too.

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I haven't really tried many different wood combination, but my answer is: (I know, I'm such a loser) Maple and mahogany body, mahogany rosewood neck (yeah yeah, standard Gibson Les Paul).


That's just my answer now. If had the option of try the same guitar with lots of different woods, my answer might change, but for now, it's the boring ol' les paul combination.

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Any kind of mystery wood with a thin thin sheet of korina over it.Stan.


"Korina, Korina"...wasn't that a song many years ago?..by forget who..


Isn't it just a whit-ish version of African Mahogany?..the nice

ribbon striped wood that is very heavy.


So what's the "mojo" with this African Limba wood? Must be the same stuff that they

make those nice African hollow drums out of.

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"Korina' date=' Korina"...wasn't that a song many years ago?..by forget who..




Good one!!!


Steppenwolf did a nice "Korina" in the late 60's. Rockabilly by Ray Peterson, heck even Bob Wills, Brooks and Dunn and the Animals!!


gibiphone (ex of the Byward Market)


just north of the mexican line

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