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cassady bass...guitar counterpart?


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wasnt the first proto les paul just like the cassady bass?


and if im totally on crack' date=' is there an epi guitar that looks like the cassady bass? (335 and les paul had a baby)[/quote']


The Les Paul prototype was a solid body.


You mean like a single pickup 335? Don't think so.

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The Epi Jack Casady bass is **really** a knock-off of the Gibson Les Paul Signature, introduced with the similar Gibson Les Paul Signature guitar (asymmetrical cutaways, f-holes, low-impedance pickups, gold top) in 1973. The last were shipped in 1979.


The guitar was never reissued, probably because (except for 1974) it never sold more than 150 per year. The bass, on the other hand, even though it sold even worse than the guitar (again disregarding 1974, the biggest year by far for both instruments, the second largest number of sales was 58, in 1979) was taken up by Jack Casady so Epi saw a marketing opportunity.


Both instruments were based on the ES-335, with a smaller cutaway on the treble side. The original LP prototype (according to those who saw it) was the solid laminated maple-over-mahogany that was marketed 1952-1961 and reissued (many times) after.


Here are the numbers:

LP Sig guitar:

1973 3

1974 1046

1975 118

1976 150

1977 123

1978 20

1979 3


LP Sig bass:

1973 3

1974 428

1975 26

1976 44

1977 45

1978 23

1979 58

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Actually it's not a bolt neck... there's something weird about that picture - I think that's the end of the body binding that's throwing it off - but the 1999 catalog pic is clearer and they actually state that it has a set neck. Or maybe there were two versions.

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I found a copy of the 1999 Epi catalog in my pile of stuff (I knew I had an old Epi catalog, didn't realize it was for that year) and sure enough, the LPS has a set neck -- and the higher-resolution photo does not resemble a bolt on. It's clearly the same pic you posted.


Some nice guitars and basses in there, BTW. The Sheraton II is actually my second Epi, the first being a Biscuit reso. It was a nicely made axe, but I'm too used to the spider bridge sound, so I traded it off.

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yeah thats the one,,, for some freaky reason i like it- but in a gold top and a smaller 335 size..



i know the first les paul thing was the log- but wasnt one of the protos something like this at some point?


there is a history of this shape but i cant recall ANY of it.

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Here's another photo of Storm with the Cassidy bass at a different angle. This one is favorite because it' date=' uh, shows off the gold top so well!




Dang, that's purdy... I'll refrain from"plug it in, twiddle knobs, and play that G-string" comments...really

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