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New Masterbilt Model ?


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I'm here in Nashvegas where Epiphone's 'Home' is at.


Between the Garage sales,sponsored musicians and so forth, there are always a lot of unique Epi's floating around. Our craigslist always has some good stuff.


So, the other day I see an Ad that just says 'Masterbilt guitar'. I call and the gentleman tells me he has two Seconds for sale, one of which is an AJ500RCNS..... I was stoked, because 12 fretter seconds and blems have been non existent since January....and I've been looking


we all know how hard those are to find (See Yerdugliness's post) So in spite of not really having the cash, I run over to buy it from him....Doug and like 5 of my other friends have all been looking for one, so I figured Someone would be glad if I grabbed it .


But... it wasn't a 12 fretter. It was a Rosewood AJ500 with a CEDAR top?


(I tried to shoot a picture, but my wifes camera just won't power up...when my son wakes up I'll try to talk him into shooting it with his phone)


It's essentially just your average AJ500R, but with a cedar top. It's reeeeaaallly light and sounds super airy,deep, resonant.... one of the better ones I've picked up. Kind of like my AJ500REVS, but with a wider response, particularly in the high end.


Anybody ever heard,seen, discussed any such guitar? I was wondering if it's like a new edition they might be adding seeing as they never got the 12 fretter worked out?



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The cedar-top AJ-500R actually came out before the 12-fret version. It may have been the first of the Masterbilt guitar models to be discontinued. There was also an EF-500RCE (spruce top) that was replaced by the EF-500RCCE (cedar top).

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Hi Johnl


Well..that explains it than.


I'm surprised it was discontinued...it sounds KILLER. IT must have sat around for awhile because the guy said he picked it up recently. Maybe it 'aged' in the warehouse?


Thanks for the info



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