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How many have or have not had problems with the masterbilt line??


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=D> Just curious!! I have not had any problems with mine' date=' but have read a few threads on this forum from people who have.[/quote']


No problems with my DR500M. My AJ500M has the rear lifted behind the bridge and seems to have a loose top brace. I never used string heavier than 12s on it.


The old forum had several posts of people with the same problem. I also saw an AJ500M with the new gloss top serial number from 08 and it has a huge crack from the bridge down to the bottom. Pointed it out to the GC guys and they said "yeah that happens a lot on those".


As of last week it is still hanging on the wall for sale crack and all, full price.


Mine has the older electronics, the Baggs, so I have it at my local store who is a dealer waiting to see what is going to happen. I don't want to trade it for a new one with the new electronics. One of the reasons I bought this model was the volume wheel in the sound hole and the body not cut up for the control panel. So wait and see I guess.


The shop I have my guitar at has told me and their rep that it is their opnion that the bridge is too high and that put too much stress on the top.


I think the AJs are hit or miss. Have a feeling if they have problems they show up early other wise you have a good one. My problems showed up in the first year.

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Bought my Epi masterbilt EF 500RA-NS 2 week ago, it´s brand new and it was made in 2005.


2 days later i´ve found a small crack in the saddle (it´s bone, i thought it would be impossible!!!) =D> and now i´m waitting for a new one piece.. i don´t know if it´s gonna take too long and i miss her alot :'(



PS: By the way, i ask a local luthier to make a new saddle, got it today, just tried... it´s like the original one... but i still want the original one they are going (someday...) to send me! =P~/

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I own two and am very happy with them. The first one I bought was an AJ 500m and it had some dead notes. I returned it moved up to a AJ500r and it is a superb instrument. I think that there are some Masterbilts that have issues and one should hand pick them to be sure.

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