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Tusq & AJ500ME


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Howdy All

New member here. Also new owner also of a MB AJ500ME - Can't wait to take 'er out on the stage!


I've read alot of good things about Tusq regarding tone & volume and am thinking of swapping (the factory issued bone) to Tusq on my nut, saddle & pins.


Anyone have or know of experiences with this?


I've also read alot about strings...

I prefer Martin Phos Bronze Custom Lights on my old Jay Turser...has anyone had experience with them on the AJ500's?


Appreciate any feedback.




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umm .. i believe the factory bone is better than tusq .. cheap bone is worst than tusq but i find the epiphone bone to be of good quailty .. so i suggest you do not switch .. but if you do i suggest you switch to something like fossilized walwarus ivory .. check out bob colosi website he has very good products

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