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Problems with bridge pickup on LP Custom Midnight


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Hello everyone,


I am having problems with the bridge pickup (EMG 81) on my Les Paul Custom Midnight.

The output of the pickup seems to vary when playing from full output to next to nothing.

The neck pickup doesn't seem to have this problem. I have already changed the battery but to no avail.


Does anybody have a clue what this could be and how to resolve the problem?


Thanks in advance for any responses.

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Are you saying it varies while playing, or it just doesn't have any volume at all?

If it varies while playing, I'd say maybe loose wire somewhere? If it doesn't put out much volume at all, I'd check my wiring path and see if something is in the wrong spot. How's it sound when played in center toggle position?

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Thanks for your responses!

I opened up the battery compartment, checked the wiring which looked okay.

I also took out the bridge pickup and the connector seemed to be correctly attached as well.

After putting it all back together the brigde pickup now works again!

At least I didn't have any output problems in the last half an hour.

Strange but if it stays this way I'm fine with not knowing what the problem was.

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