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Epiphone EM-1 Ebony (EBAY)


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I Thought that was a good price considering it is an epiphone. There quality is better than some real cheap crap available over here. You can pick up a brand new guitar with amp and bag ect for £50 in Tesco/Asda (Our super markets or food shopping whatever you call them)


I bought a Kramer striker st100 on ebay for £80 that was run down as a project. Turns out to be made of ply wood! Oh well we live and learn.


So are those epi's rubbish then or just got a cheap retail

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129 pounds for a guitar that sells for $200 new. Man it sucks to be a Brit when it comes to buying stuff.


Not just Britons. €167 Euro($260) is the cheapest I found... The suckiest part of it is we've become accustomed to paying premiums for our stuff. Biff or other scandinavians may chime in here...

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That EM-1 looks more like a bass with those horns offset so much.


Epi made a bass version of these in the 90's called the EBM. They looked a little more fitting with that body style.

And the balance on these basses are great. I can only assume the guitars are similar.


The best part about these guitars & basses are the neck joint. The swept-C gives maximum access to the upper register for a bolt-on neck.



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