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New member with a question about the MBilt AJ500 RC

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I've been lurking around here since I bought my first epi - and AJ 500 M.

It's a great guitar - I'm really taken with how good it sounds, particularly

for fingerpicking.


Anyway - I've got the bug now and have been trying to find the 12 fret

AJ 500 RC model... and can't. No one has one or seems to be able to get



So I'm wondering, 'what's up?'

Have they been discontinued?

Are Epi Masterbilts difficult to get in general?

Or is this particular model difficult to get?


Thanks in advance


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Yes they are rare and hard to find.


If you see one on Craig's List or anywhere else, get 'em if you can.


I got mine, finally round Christmas this past year and I started seriously looking last year July. And I mean looking...seriously..... I travelled over 100k miles last year, flying all over the country. I visited numerous Guitar Centers, Sam Ash and any other music store I could find to 'any' of the Masterbilts to no avail.


I finally ended up snagging one from American Music Supply where I originally ordered it in October and it came in December. I had another one ordered through Sweetwater and they were delayed until March..(this was last November).


Don't even get me started on the MB Cases either. I did find one at Sweetwater, but it was delayed, then I found one at another online store, (since sold out) and now I have two MB Cases.


I'm waiting to get a different MB Model for the second case.


Keep searching, you'll find one....eventually.

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