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Lost the forum for the week end !!!

Big Norm

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I agree with Svet...the new guy forgot to leave "that switch" on for the weekend!

Us epi guys always gets the new guy..GRRRRR



He probably performed an update and instead of restarting the machine it went off.[-X

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It's just as well. I always have GAS on the weekends.


Yeah, and who can afford to drive somewhere, to satisfy that kind of "G.A.S" anymore?!

Man, this is getting (Really) Nuts!! But, compared to Europe, or other countries,

it's still "cheap," if you can believe THAT?! ;>(

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Out Friday night' date=' here, too! Good to have it back, FINALLY!

I thought I was going to have to "Get a Life!" LOL!




You know its's funny that you say that, CB but It did bother me - that it botherd me that I was disconnected for 2+ days. It truly is a great place with great people..........................

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