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Epi Les Paul Standard pickup upgrade (Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz)


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My LP has a Dimarzio SuperD in the bridge and a Duncan SH-2(jazz) in the neck.

(The Fred I wanted was on back-order so I said F it and went with the SH-2 that was in stock)

Honestly...? It's not a bad combo but the SH-2 is a tad darker than I wanted...

so it gets rolled back a tad in 'lead' switching to allow the brightness of the SD to get out.

On darker leads it (SH-2) is King.



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The Duncan combination you've mentioned is the classic pickup configuration from SD, so you can't go wrong, I think, with these in your LP. If you scan the Duncan forum you can find the pros/cons of these. Some folks don't like 'em and some rave about 'em.

I'd also take a look at Duncan '59's (SH-1) also. That's what I have in my Epi LP Custom, and they are truly a work of beauty.

I'd put my Epi against any Gibson with these pickups in it.

I also am using Dimarzio Tone Zone/bridge and Air Norton/neck for my Ibanez ARX320.

These pickups are also amazing. Just got 'em in, so I'm still getting used to them and how they compare to the Duncans.

You've got some other options for pickups if the JB/Jazz doesn't do it for ya.

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Is the PAF (Pro?) you had hotter than the SH-2?

Or Is it similar

How would you compare the two?

It was just a regular PAF. Perhaps a tad hotter than the Jazz... but hard to make a comparison. However now that PAF is over 20 years old and she's aged really nicely.

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Thanks for all of your replies. Before I sink another $150.00 into my LP, I decided to try a set of GFS crunchy PAFs. I ordered them today. I hope I don't regret it. $57.00 for both pick ups delivered. I will post my thoughts once I get them installed. Thanks again for all of your responses.

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