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Selling price question


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Hey guys, let's say hypothetically... I was to sell the Epi Jr with a P-90 I recently bought on craigslist for 80 bucks.. What would be a fair value for it? So far I changed out the old nut to a tusq nut and pulled the old dented crooked tuners off and installed my tuners from my LP that I had after I upgraded to Grovers. Also, this Jr has an adjustable bridge for intonation, not wraparound.. It's got some dings but is still a player. Any idea on ballpark prices (American preferably, as I'm not sure on exchange rates) Please?


PS. Thanks for the correction Rot :D

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A squier '51 is probably going to be the next guitar I seek out actually. Amazing tonal variety for little scratch. (Well' date=' originally) They seem to be selling for an inflated price these days.[/quote']

They started at 150, cleareanced at $70 after discontinument.

Average $140 on ebay.

I think I'll buy one to have a guitar I know will go up in value...

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