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the old epiphone i used to own was???

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i bought a super strat style epiphone back in 1990. it was white (metalicy.) black hardware. ie tuners, floyd rose 1 volume, 1 tone. 1 humbucker at the bridge. 2 single coils. 5 way selector. it was similar to the epiphone pro and pro 2 i have seen. i think it might be a epiphone pro 435i. as it fits this desription:


(copy and paste this.) http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Epiphone/Pro+435i/10/1


but it has no pictures. does anyone have one? thanks.

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There were several Epiphone S-series Strat copies... I may be mistaken, but I believe they were the S-210, S-400, S-600, and S-800.


All but the S-210 had humbuckers. The S-600 and S-800 were both "Super Strats."



This is all from memory, so there's a good chance some (or all) of what I've said is wrong, but I think I'm at least partially right.

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very similar. i've dismissed the rest as i found a page with the dates on. and i think the s-400 is a strat style like the s-310.


it didn't have coil taps though. i think it must be an s-600 or s-900. i'm still looking for a pic. anyone know what the cost should have been in 1990?


ahh. it must be a 600 as it has no body binding.


but i'm sure mine had covered pickups? i think there was a letter "i" on the right hand of the pickup covers on all 3?

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i'm pretty sure from this reveiw that it is a 635i.




anyone have a picture. or what the "i" on the pickup stood for. i see here:




that the last price for it was $599 which was about what i paid for it.


hah! here we go... but i had it in white!



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