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Genres and the guitars YOU play them on.


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The genres you play, the guitars you play them on, amp, and what(if any) mods on the guitar.


For example:

Blues, rock n' roll:

Epiphone dot(ebony) with GFS mean 90 bridge/vintage 59 neck, roller bridge and gibson pots.

Punk, ska, metal:

B.C. rich bronze series warlock(red) with rockfield fat *** bridge/GFS vintage 59 neck, hardwired tone for individual volume controls.

Amplifier: Fender red knob twin.



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Just about everything on my soundclick page was done with 'ol Blue in various stages of alteration. "Steel Toed Sneakers" was done with the guitar stone stock, and as you go up the list, I dunno about anyone else, but I hear how the guitars changed tonally over that time frame.

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In my duo, we play the following styles of music:


Rock and Roll


Big Band Swing


Rhythm and Blues

Country and Western







Beach Music

Motown Music

Classic Oldies

Doo Wop

New Age

Smooth Jazz

Hip Hop


and one Opera Song


Everything I play the guitar on, I use an Epiphone Casino and a Zoom G1X FX/Amp Modeling pedal. When you only bring one guitar to the gig, you make it work with whatever you play on it.



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2005 ebony Sheraton. Gibson Classic 57 pickups, rewired, pots, switch. Bone nut. I run her through a modded blues junior with a Cannabis rex eminence speaker. The reverb tank is also custom. I play blues, smooth jazz and soft rock.

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Epi LP : Various styles of Rock (Metal, Classic, Soft, Southern).

Strat : Mostly blues, sometimes wild all out rock (with some whammy bar action). I like the strat for some of those southern rock type arpeggios (Think Allman Bros type stuff).

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I play blues and classic rock based music in a church praise band. Since we have 3 electric players and 1 acoustic play, along with piano and bass, I get to improvise widely. I play power chords, lead riffs, and solos, along with some harmony fills with the lead singer. It's a blast to get to do that again after being out of a regular band for years. The more Christian rock we play, the better the crowd likes it.


We usually have a second practice after regular practice for 30-45 minutes and go over a few top 40 classic rock tunes to stay in touch for a few gigs we do on the side. Mostly Clapton, Credence, Buddy Guy, SRV, and Skynyrd type stuff.

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Lately I've been playing a lot of blues, country, gospel, and a bit of funk vs. other styles (I like hard rock...but sometimes that's what one plays. It all depends on what is called for.)


I've been showing up with my Epiphones for this sort of music. Although they aren't as bright as my strats, the tone tends to be a bit fuller without crunch applied. (Especially my LP custom which has the Gibson Burstbuckers with the Alcino V's. It has a really nice balance on the high end...especially for a Les Paul.)


I have to admit though that if I want more crunch....(very light to moderate mix)....I may end up using the strats more often because once you have some crunch, the tone quality is not AS important....and the single coils are more responsive as far as volume controls are concerned. (Plus if you dial back the single coil it's not quite as dark or muddy vs. a humbucker.)


But as far as ULTRA specifics vs. genres...


I tend to mix it up. And, in truth, it often depends on whether or not there is a second or third guitar player. (Since I moved into a semi-rural area, you tend to see a lot of Fenders out here...so I will typically show up with the Epiphones just to balance it all out. Right now I'm jamming with a live band once or twice a week..but nothing steady. Anyways, back to practice!)

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Only two of my guitars are genre specific and this is due to the strings that are used on them. My Epiphone Emperor Regent and my Eastman 810 ce are both set up using flat wound string sets so they are only good for jazz. My other arch tops have round wound sets and can be used for blues or rockabilly type stuff. The LP, 335, Strat, Tele types can all be used for anything!


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my epi lp with jb bridge and jazz on the neck, and i use it to play from pop,country, jazz, blues, rock, classic rock

ibanez rg2620e duncan blackouts, progresive, metal, trash, an other heavy or fast style of music

fender mexican strat tex mex pups, use it for blues, funk, fusion

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