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Epiphone Sighting: Sara Bareilles


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Well, not Sara herself, but her guitar player.


It looks like it's a Revolution Casino. I saw the headstock, and didn't think it looked quite like mine. Then I saw that it had a two-screw truss rod cover, so I thought it was a vintage... then I saw the gold tuners.


Sara Bareilles is one of the best things about modern music. I'm basically in love with her, and I have no problem admitting it. She's a product of the Los Angeles singer-songwriter community. Her first record (independent) was produced by Gabriel Mann, another LA-based piano player, who I actually know. I'd like to meet her...


Anyway, Bottle It Up is the song, you can watch it on the Late Show with David Letterman site. It's not my favourite song (I'm quite partial to Vegas from the same album), nor her most famous... that would have to go to "Love Song," which you'll hear twenty times if you turn on pop radio for one hour.


[EDIT] Maybe we should have an Epiphone Sighting thread... or maybe we already do. I know this is the second one I've posted in a week.

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