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Casino/P90 Hum

Ron G

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This comes up pretty often. Maybe a poll will help future buyers decide

if they're considering P90s. I don't have a problem with my Mean 90s,

(Dot Studio) unless of course, I'm way too close to the amp.

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My Casino can hum if I have the volume turned up pretty loud (as I do). My guitars are living in a small bedroom set up as a study and practice area, so it is not at all suprising I suppose.


You learn to adjust what you are doing to compensate and I just love that guitar!!



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P90's hum, what are you going to do? I used to hate the hum of single coils, pariticularly in Strats more than other guitars for some reason, but I hardly notice it anymore. Humbuckers are great pickups but they just can't give you that tone.

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Sure there is a bit of hum, but I don't see it as enough to be a problem. A little hum vs. a lot of tone --> I'll take the tone.


Plus, where do I play my guitar?


1) In the home, the volume is low, and the hum of the refrigerator is much louder.


2) When I'm gigging the ambient noise of the room is usually at least 70dba and at that level, the hum is not audible unless you put your ears very close to the speakers, and you don't want your ears to be there when the music starts.


3) For recording, a simple noise gate or noise gate plug-in will take care of any hum.


Plus, with the right amp simulation and FX on my inexpensive Zoom GIX pedal, I can make the P90s sound reasonably close to a humbucker, but there is nothing I can do to make the humbuckers on my ESP/LTD sound similar to a P90.


The world is full of trade-offs. If you want good gas mileage, you can't have a heavy vehicle or race-car performance. If you want a low cost guitar, you have to sacrifice the quality of something (usually the wood). When I was studying electronic engineering, they talked about price vs. performance and finding the sweet spot between the two extremes. I could go on and on here but you get the idea. So if you want the bite and the overtones of a P90 pickup (or any other single-coil for that matter), you have to put up with a bit of hum. And IMHO, it ain't no big deal - and no - definitely not a problem.


Judging by the number of P90, Fender and other single-coil guitars out there, the hum is obviously not a problem for a lot of other people.


Insights and incites by Notes

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Lace Alumitone P-90's

"All the growl and bite-No Hum"

is their claim.

I have these pickups in a Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet

and it doesn't hum.



'Aluma 90


The Aluma 90 is a direct drop in replacement. Featuring no hum, but all the growl, depth and sparkle that a P 90 is famous for. 70% less weight then a conventional pickup.


Direct drop in replacement.


Available: Chrome or Gold'


Here's a crappy photo but you get the idea....


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