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I think they are terrific guitars for the price. I bought an ebony one a couple of years ago and never have regretted it.

Mine's an EE series and plays wonderful. The one common problem is the cheap switch they use. Chances are it will crap out on you. But it's easy to fix the problem (I did on mine) or install a new one. So I would say definitely get one if you are thinking about it. I really like mine, and will never get rid of it.

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I've got 2 and I love 'em. I'm particularly fond on my LE with the Maestro in my Avatar. I am not crazy about the stock pickups in Epis and I changed them in both. I put Burstbuckers in my LE and GFS Vintage 59s and split the coils in my other one. The 1/4" jacks kept coming loose, so I just changed out all of the electronics in both.


The thing that I really like about the G-400 is the easy access to upper frets. For $349 it is a very nice guitar. The only thing negative I can say is that I wished the necks were not quite as wide, and more like my '56 Gold Top. I will never part with either.

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G400's are koolness. Techies got one in a really nice flametop finish with a Bigsby on it that would make a real nice addition to my collection...if only. Give to the "Matiac Fund"! Couldn't hurt to ask anyway...

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its what i'm rockin'.


or a reasonable facsimile of rockin', anyway.


seriously its a really, really good axe. mine's the EE series as well, but the 1966 standard reissue version over in the avatar.


my twin bro loves it as well, despite being a previously strat-only guy. he does note that the neck is significantly fatter than his american strat

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Definitely a good guitar, I sold mine (got more than I paid for it) but I will probably get another one as soon as a deal shows up on Craigslist. I turned one Epi into about 10 just by careful buying and selling on CL in about a year.

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I love my G400. It's amazing!!!!! It has a nice crystal clear tone to it when plugged in.


It's beautiful also!!!!


My only complaint is the knobs aren't placed identically to the way they're placed on a Gibson SG. The angle is off.


Other than that its a GREAT guitar!!







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Hi all,

This is my first post. I don't want to hijack this thread, but my questions are very related to the OPs, and may help him too.


I'm also seriously considering a G-400 (pretty much decided actually, still need to go try one out :( You all mention different types, e.g. EE, LE, etc. What are the differences, which ones do you prefer, etc? If there's an external resource you can point me to, that's fine, but I've been reading the forums for a bit and would value your opinions.

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LE = Limited Edition, only made for a limited period of time.


EE = Beginning of the serial number meaning the guitar was made at the Quindao plant in China.


I'm not sure where the new G-400 are coming from, I'm guessing the new ones are coming witha DW serial number, the Deawon plant in China.


One of mine is from Quingdao and the other from Unsung, Korea. Both are nice guitars.


I just cut and pasted this from Ricochet's post.


O Choice (Korea)

L ? (Korea)

K Korea Ins. (Korea)

SM SAMIL (Korea)

DW DaeWon (China)

EA QingDao (China)

EE QingDao (China)

I Saein (Korea)

MC Muse (China)

R Peerless (Korea)

S Samick (Korea)

SJ SaeJun (China)

U Unsung (Korea)

UC Unsung China (China)

B Bohêmia Musico-Delicia (Czech Republic)

FN/N Fine Guitars (Korea)

BW ? (China)

Z Zaozhuang Saehan (China)

F Fujigen (Japan)

J/T Terada (Japan)

SN ? (Indonesia)

SI Samick (Indonesia)

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YEP gotta agree the G400 are a great guitar it my favourate axe at the momnet..........


Love it.


Looking at an Epi LP Black Beauty...... OOOOHHHHHHH Love it too..........



Now where will I put it..............


OH sorry good hunting for the SG, the vintage is differant colour OH sorry forgot that is in OZ though.









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If you have a GC near you see if they have any of the sale stuff left. I was at mine Sunday in Villa Park Illinois and they still had the faded Gibson SGs tagged for 549.00. They had both the red and the brown the new greyish/blue one was not part of the sale.


I own the Gibson faded in red and a G400 1965 with the maestro. Like them both but the G400 and none I have owned through the years is a Gibson. If you can swing the extra 200 then get the faded Gibson.

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Thanks for the info (sorry, Ricochet's factory list post thread was started after the last time I checked the forums prior to asking my q). I have a couple more. Does Epiphone concurrently make different flavors of the SG G400 ('65, '66, etc) or one at a time? On epiphone.com they only list the '62 style for the G400, but on musiciansfriend they list a bunch (are they older stock?). Other than style, is there any difference in the quality of the neck and body among them (I'm sure the hardware/electronics can differ)?


I went to my local GC today and played a G-400 (not sure which style, sorry). It was beat up (missing a pot, gouge on body near neck) and the action at the neck was about 1/4". I only played it unplugged, but it sounded "tinny", next to a couple of Gibson SGs :)


Anyway, I really like the looks, I've heard great things from all you guys on the forums, and the price is right, so I'm still trying to learn more about it.


Thanks again!

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