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what's up with sewatt?


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Same here. Everyone's locked out. It would seem the user database has crashed, and forum withdrawal syndrome is rampant and rapidly approaching epidemic proportions. :(


SEwatt will be back online soon. I'm sure the powers that be are working on it.



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Yes - this is killing me...


I have placed an order with Watts Tube Audio for a loaded EVJ Octal board + accessories. They have a decent deal for international shipping (viz spend $200 & don't pay additional shipping of O/S)

I have ordered their Heyboer OT but with some significant misgivings... The Heyboer has a 6.6K rating which I am aware is 'better' than the original EVJ OT but mine is the v3 with the 'correct' 5K rating...

The Hammond DSE (& ESE, FSE) are available here in Australia, but they are bloody expensive at $100 ($120, $150) + $10 shipping. The Heyboer seemed like a good idea at the time I ordered it, but I'm feeling nervous !


Instead of the $55 the OT cost I could have made up the $200 order with more Tubes ;-)





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Well I hope they get all their drupals back in the boat.


I've got to make a parts order myself..and you made me feel better about what I have to pay for shipping, James.


If you got an octal it will still be an ok OT with the right tube.. I think, for example, the 6V6 tube does better with the V2 OTs..

while and EL84 likes 5K.

I'm not sure about any other tubes, though.. but I'd look into that and match 'em up!


The extra low end of a heyboer, weber, hammond seems to me less important in some ways because you can get so many nice lows just tweaking. But I'm sure not gonna say it's not better to have the upgrade.


Right now I think my next two will be EL84 and 6V6.. and some octal in the other but I'm not sure which tube yet.

I gotta look up what PT an EL34 needs for one thing..but I'd like to make that one a tube I've not already got.

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Lately I've been taking some time to try and follow the threads left by the brilliant minds over at ax84.com. It ain't easy, but there's a lot of ideas you can pick up just by drooling over the shoulders of all those scary Mensa candidates. =P~

Meanwhile, there's always 18watt, where you can relax, as long as you don't utter the words VJr or T*d W***r. 8-[


Ah well. Plenty of time to work on amps now. :)



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