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Unwind them from the tuning pegs, and pull them through the stopbar tailpiece.


To replace them, do the opposite - slide the open end through the hole, and wind it around the correct tuner.


I couldn't, but there are some people on this forum who could have written their exit projects on restringing guitars back in high school.


As far as brands, try out a few and see what you like. I rarely use the same kind twice in a row.

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choose guage before brand.

.009s are about as small as you would want in most cases..

.010s are probably the most typical set.. and have a bit more tone.

.011s moreso but stiffer feel is more evident esp compared to .009s.


anything bigger is much more rare.


I have had great luck with Everly Strings.. have recently compared them to Rogue, Pyramid, Queen, GHS and Ernie Balls and found that overall

the Everly sets seem to last longer, stay brighter and not make my fingers black.

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