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Masterbilt wish list


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I was wondering: although I’m not sure, I think that Epiphone hasn’t introduced any new Masterbilt model in last 3 years, maybe 2.


I know it’s difficult enough to find the current models of the Masterbilt line but does anybody know if they are going to introduce new models any time soon?


I like to daydream: I would love a small body, maybe a nice 00 model. I think a few of us already mentioned this matter in a thread.


But, anyway, here is my wish list (if one of these guitars were ever made I would certainly buy it):

- Masterbilt L-00 in sunburst

- Masterbilt AJ-500 12-fret but with spruce top and mahogany back and sides


Well, if anyone is as naïve as me and wants to add to the list…you are welcome!


Plus, I wonder if the people from Epiphone read these threads…






ps I own and love an EF-500-RVS

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I would love to see the EF-500's with a 14 or 12 fret neck and the slotted head stock .That would really set that model off!!Also I'd like to see a smaller body like the Blues Master.There was a thread a while back that had a picture of a woman playing what was shaped like the L-00 Elitist but it had a matte sunburst finish and the Masterbilt head stock and logo.It's the only one I've ever seen but it looks like the were toying with the idea

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A 12-fret OM with slotted headstock...yes that would be great.


I was thinking of creating a poll but I think that a small body Bluesmaster / L-00 type guitar is the one that most of us would like to see in the Masterbilt collection... in vintage sunburst, obviously.


I also remember the pic of that lady playing a small body Masterbilt...


Now, how do we get Epiphone's attention?

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