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Sheraton Upgrades, part deux


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I already posted pictures of the first few upgrades that I did to my Sheraton II (Unsung 2007). At that point, I had put on black/gold reflector knobs, Schaller straplocks, a 335 style 5 ply B-W-B-W-B pickguard and a 335 pickguard bracket. I liked the changes. Subtle but I think a bit more elegant. BTW, the pickguard appears to have a satin finish but it is standard gloss.




Next step was to change the truss rod cover. I figured if Joe Pass could get his name on his truss rod cover, why not me?


Then another problem was that the guitar seemed a little neck heavy. This is a common complaint that I have read from other Sheraton owners. I had a Mossman 12 string that had 12 of the Rotomatics counterbalanced by a light mahogany dreadnaught body. My solution was to put Ebony buttons on the Mossman and changed the balance of the guitar dramatically. Soooo -- a call to First Quality Music confirmed that they still sold the Ebony Rotomatic buttons even though they are not shown in the e-catalog. They arrived today and are now on the Sheraton. I love the way they look and they really reduced the weight of the peghead.


Anyway, this is how it looks now:






Next step: a roller bridge and Bigsby.

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