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the best of both worlds


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for me would be an Epi LP that would sound like a Strat with Tex-Mex pups, and feel and handle like an LP. I normally prefer the humbuckers and P90's, but there are times when ya just gotta have that Strat sound. I have a Strat but I just don't like the neck or the pup switch location, so I think I'll sell my Strat and look for something else. I've played new USA made Strats and Teles and they are better than my MIM 60th ann. Strat, but I can't justify spending $1300 and up for a bolt on neck that does'nt have the sustain of my 56 reissue, Sheraton, or Elitist LP. So note to Epiphone- why not give your R&D guys something to do other than come up with ways to make Epis flashier and cheaper?. I really don't mind spending money on something that sounds good and is well built. This is not meant to bash Epi, just dreaming out loud. What would the rest of you like to see Epi build that might be different from all the rest?

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I don't know, Randy...I've never been able to do with just ONE guitar, even with various pickups/changes/mods.

I think it's because my moods, tonal needs/wants change (back and forth) all the time. I might be in Strat (or Tele)

heaven for awhile, then love Lester's or SG's. Then, on to 335 territory and/or Gretsch! I will say, I've been totally happy,

with Rickenbackers when it comes to electric 12-string! Never waivered, there. But, I like the Epi Elitist Riviera 12-string, too.

Not better, just different. So, I don't think (for me, anyway) there IS a "Best of Both Worlds?"


But, that could be just me?!



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Dude' date=' sounds like you need a pair of those new Seymour Duncan combo pickups. Humbucking, P-90 and Strat single-coil sound all rolled into one. Damned if I can find it on the SD site though.


LINK: SD PRails pickup


I saw those Rot, and am very intrigued by them but haven't been able to really decide what guitar would be best to try them in ?

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Maybe it's just me...but I've never heard a great single coil tone from a Les Paul nor a great humbucker tone from a Strat


True that. But I haven't seen many SC fitted Les Pauls(a split-coiled humbucker is just not the same). I thought EVH got some pretty good humbucker tones from his strat. But very different from a fat LP tone I suppose.


I tried to get that strat-neck-PU feel on 2 Gibson-scale type guitars. First try was on a homebuild 25 years ago' date=' and last year I tried again using a PRS Tremonti SE. It comes close, and yet it isn't... Maybe I should try it with maple fretboards next.




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