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Post Option Disappears When I Use Search


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I'm having a problem today which I don't think I've had before.


I searched for a particular topic, and clicked on the topic title on one of the posts when the posts from that topic appeared on screen.


I then wanted to post to the topic, and was unable to find the 'add reply' option. When I clicked on 'options', no option was visible that enabled me to post to the topic.


This leaves me thinking that the only way to post to a topic which I've searched for and found is to go to the forum in which the topic was posted, and 'manually' search for it.


I'm using IE 7.0.5730.11 if that helps.


Can somebody help me with this please?





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Hi Brad,

Thanks for the reply.


Didn't do what you suggested for 2 reasons:

1. Was concerned about posting the same subject again lest it's against forum rules

2. Wanted to inform those here (inc. forum administrators) that this wasn't working in case it had happened/was happening in other threads.



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