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MF Secret Sale flier... big deal


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I remember a few months ago Musician's Friend/Music 123 had a flier included with your order that had a 56 Goldtop for $299 rather than $499, and other deals.


I received an order today, and the deals were (as far as Epiphone is concerned):


B-Stock Les Paul Standard - $329

B-stock G-400 - $299

B-Stock Les Paul Custom - $499

B-Stock Dot Studio - $249


Those aren't deals, those are regular prices.


Some of the higher-priced instruments were actually nice prices, though:


American Standard Telecaster (Lefty) - $699

Gibson Les Paul Standard - $1699

Gibson SG Special 3 - $699

Gibson Les Paul Supreme - $1999 (save $1000)

Fender Custom Shop '58 Strat - $2849 (save $1000)


Does anyone else have any fliers that have better deals in them?

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I'm always bemused by MF's "sales". They will say "Was $799.99, now $799.95! Save $.05! Something robotic about that.


But on the same note, Music123 had some Les Pauls for $50 off, but they were silverburst (or is it aluminumburst?). Whatever the case, I want my wood to be warm.

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In a related note, part of my order was a scratch-and-dent cable, and it was out of stock.


They charged me for everything but the cable, shipped everything but the cable, and then waited.


I placed the order on Wednesday, it shipped on Thursday.


Today (Tuesday) I get an e-mail, apologizing for the inconvenience, and giving me a $25 eCertificate.


For a $5.50 cable.


I don't mind. I'm going to have to go to a store and buy the cable now, but there are a few things I could order for $25.

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I've always laughed at the so called sales that are offered through MF, Sam Ash and Guitar Center. Their prices are so high that I feel sorry for my fellow guitar slingers that have no other alternatives. My local dealer has prices that are far less than MF. I've saved over 1k on some of my big ticket items. The prices are great, the service exceptional and the inventory sublime. If you ever get a chance to visit the Middletown location of Alto Music in NY do it. Call em for your next purchase.

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